Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A few random catch up pictures...

Before the holidays Dominic and I spent a Saturday snowed in. It was a perfect day - we got lots done around the house and spent the whole day in our jammies just hanging out and playing. I wish every Saturday could be like that...

Dominic lasted about 3 minutes in the snow before he was ready to go in.

Note to self for next year: wrapping presents with a toddler is counter-productive. He sang into the tubes, unwrapped several presents and even wrapped himself up in a roll of paper!

Dominic loved candy canes. A neighbor brought some over and he quickly removed them from the tree and chewed through the plastic!

Some random Sunday in December, I heard a fire truck coming down on our street - sirens, lights, the works. No trouble in the neighborhood - only Santa making the rounds throwing candy to the kids! Dominic stood at the window for the next 30 minutes waiting for him to return...

We went to our first Fiesta with our Guate friends this year and had a great time. Santa called each child by name to sit on his lap and delivered a special gift.

We also spent the weekend before Christmas with my parents. Dominic loves to play at their house,

viewing all the family photos

and supervised while my mom and I made cookies.

While there, we had one last visit with Santa before the big day.

After Christmas, we had some pretty warm weather and Dominic and Papa got to spend some time outside.

Dominic's favorite part of the holiday - playing with his cousins! The deflating of the air mattress is always a popular activity and Dominic was thrilled to be a part of it!

And finally..... Happy New Year!