Friday, December 25, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year Dominic has moved on from mashed potatoes to turkey and "fruits" (cranberries).

Enjoying chocolate pie with"white" (whip cream).

Decorating cookies.

Adrian's Soccer Game

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Guatoberfest 2009!

Monday morning we continued our time at the pool and beach until it was time to head for the ship....

We boarded around noon and I quickly discovered that buffet style dining as a single mom with a 2 year old will make me lose my cool. By the end of the week we had a system, but it makes me reconsider the whole "kid-on-a-leash" gizmo.

After lunch we headed to our room to check it out -

Exploring around the ship -

I usually avoid the "sail away" party. But with Dominic, we were front and center, dancing away. On stage for the electric slide, in the conga line, etc. Having a blast!

Mandatory safety drill -

Our room steward was wonderful and had a great time with Dominic. Each evening Dominic was excited to find the towel animal he had left on our bed!

Day 2: Key West.

It was hot. But Dominic had a great time riding the "train" -

We ended our train ride in the main square and had an awesome lime slush!

We got dressed up for dinner in the evening. Dominic said, "Mommy look-a like-a princess. Dominic the prince." So, so sweet -

Dominic and some friends took the stage for karaoke. A few were singing. Dominic thought jumping off the stage was more entertaining.

And then back to the room for the evening.

Day 3: Cozumel
We headed to the beach with some friends. Dominic loved swimming in the ocean. And continued his theme of "I do it" in the water -

We headed back for some food and a change of clothes before shopping. Dominic did not have a nap while we were at the beach and this is how he spent his time while I shopped a bit. This is around 6pm - he slept until 7 the next morning.

Day 4: At Sea
We walked around a bit in the evening and took some sunset pictures. The wind on the top deck was so strong that it literally blew Dominic over at one point. He thought it was hilarious.

That morning we met up with our group for some pictures.

Sharing molten chocolate cake for dessert with our friends that evening. It was on the buffet EVER night!

Day 5: Heading home -

We had a wonderful time. This type of trip was a bit challenging with just the 2 of us, but I wouldn't trade our experience for anything.
Looking forward to going again when Dominic is old enough to snorkel! Maybe next year? :)