Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 7 - La Aurora Zoo, Hyper Paiz and Miraflores

Dominic's foster family joined us Sunday morning for a trip to the zoo.

Dominic and I at the zoo in 2008 -

We were there early, which was perfect - the crowds were forming as we were preparing to leave.

We stopped by Hyper Paiz which has now been completely transformed into WalMart, hung out at the pool and did some shopping at both the Futura mall and Miraflores.  We had been very lucky in avoiding the rain all week.  Just as Leslie and I were leaving Miraflores Mall, a downpour started.  Everyone took cover, but we decided it was such a short walk we could make it back - we got soaked!  Quite an experience!

Back at the hotel, we took a few photos is the chair Dominic claimed as "his area" and packed up for an earlier departure on Monday -

Look familiar?

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